Interview with Týrsday founder Gijsbregt on BNR radio

Gijsbregt on how Týrsday works and how this is beneficial for athletes and brands
Interview of fifteen minutes on national BNR radio, focused on sports business and on the athletes. We discuss how to build a personal brand for an athlete and how we partner with brands to reach their goals. How do we work? Why should athletes and brands work with us? Host Diana Matroos asks founder Gijsbregt a few examples of how we work with athletes. Leoni Blokhuis (manager of football players) and Bart Veldkamp (speed skating legend and owner of a speed skating team) give their view.
"Athletes should share their stories. It is natural, just like eat good food and getting medical support."
"As an athlete you have to focus on your sport. At Týrsday we help you telling your story."

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