Vasa & Týr make a great couple

Bas van de Goor is taking 25 people to the Vasaloppet for sports and diabetes and Týrsday is sponsoring this project with a tailor-made social wall for the #Vasachallenge
The Vasaloppet is the oldest, biggest and longest cross country ski race in the world. The yearly race is an adventure of 90 kilometers for over 16.000 participants. This year the Bas van de Goor Foundation  turned the race into an extra challenge: to raise money and awareness for sports and diabetes.

The race is embedded in Swedish culture and is based on an adventure of King Vasa in 1520. The Swedish king skied for 90 kilometres to save his country and thus the myth of the Vasaloppet (literally translated as "the Vasa run") was born.
Týrsday is sponsoring this Vasachallenge with a tailor-made social wall showing all the adventures of the participants and especially of the 25 people who join Bas in his quest. There are many reasons to sponsor this epic journey:
  • because we think Bas is one of the most authentic champions and athletes in the Netherlands;
  • because the Vasaloppet is a Scandinavian marathon and our the Viking god Týr is part of our company name;
  • because cross country skiing is the soon to be hipster sport;
  • because content from Sweden is just exceptionally beautiful;
  • in the end we decided to sponsor this project just for the simple reason that we at Týrsday love sports and it is particularly special that Bas and his foundation use sports to get more people active even if there is an illness like diabetes. Sport is an instrument and a metaphor to gain control over your life. This is something that is extremely close to our heart at Týrsday and we love to empower Bas and his Vasachallenge to reach more people.

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