Wanted: Project Managerial Winner

We need a freelance project manager who is really into sports, social media and is available for the summer!
We need you for 16-24 hours a week until the end of September and after that on a 8 hours a week basis until January 2016.
Then the amount of work will gradually grow up to the Olympics.

Your tasks amongst other things would be:
- arrange a trip to France
- manage and invite the attendees
- go to France and fix everything
- make sure everything goes as planned
- get them fed and keep everybody happy
- to handle stress and always be solution (not problem) focussed

What we're offering:
- a cool innovative project
- trips to France and possibly Rio!
- nice pay
- unique experience

Let us know if you are interested by using the contact form and please elaborate on your experience in organising events/trips, people and project management skills.

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