Wanted: sports editors

Týrsday is looking for sports editors to help create compelling stories around athletes, events and brands.
Týrsday is built by creative sportsmen. Everybody who works at Týrsday is genuinely interested in and actively practising sports. Sports is in our DNA.

We basically work in the following manner, we:
  1. develop the strategy for our clients, to outline the path for creating compelling stories. 
  2. outfit them with top notch technology which attracts visitors and services them. 
  3. guide them and inspire them to tell their stories so fans can stay close to them.
  4. become (part of) the editorial team around the athletes, the sports events and brands.

And especially for this last topic we need specialists. Freelance specialists who:
  1. know everything about their favourite sport(s) and athletes
  2. have a network in sports
  3. know their way around social media
  4. can write engaging and personal stories

For the upcoming Olympics in Rio we're creating a database of people who would like to be involved in this great event and help make their sports visible.

Want to be involved in a Týrsday content team?

Tell us about your work, favourite sports and writing skills, and contact us!

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