We are looking for people to join Team Týrsday

Are you like Wijnand, Ireen, Marhinde and Tom? Do you love sports, follow all athletes on social media and know how to rock Instagram? Come and join Týrsday!
At Týrsday we live by our motto: "It takes people to tell a story. It takes stories to build a brand." So we are looking for people to help our clients tell stories. We work for awesome people and brands in the Netherlands and all over the world. We value your knowledge and creativity and will open up a world of sports, internet and fun for you. 

What are we looking for?
We are looking for a breed of people that has no name yet. You live sports, get things done and are creative. You are like Wijnand, Ireen, Tom and Marhinde. People we love working with.

Positions at Týrsday
- intern content marketeer
- chief editor sports
- content producer 

Flexible work hours and work place.

Drop us a message here, if you want to join our team.

You are like Wijnand: you are the community manager of Sportnext and you know how to write a good blog and how to manage engagement.
You are like Ireen: you are champion of the Netherlands in field hockey and have written a bachelor thesis on the digital influence of athletes on sponsorships.
You are like Tom: you have been part of the social media team of the Australian Open and the FIH World Cup Hockey and run the digital communications for Golazo Sports.
You are like Marhinde: World Champion in judo and have a design degree from the finest art academy in the Netherlands and work for a consultancy firm on the quantified work place.

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