"Don't count the days, make the days count"

Muhammed Ali once said that he told everyone he was the greatest, even before he believed it himself. Last Saturday, after he had passed away, the (sports) world showed him one last time that he in fact is the greatest.
Ali was known not only for his boxing skills, but also for his famous quotes, in which so many athletes find recognition and inspiration. Marianne Vos remembers his vision of a champion.
Elite sports is not at all about certainties and guarantees. On the contrary, sometimes athletes give up everything to reach their goal, whether it is to win a tournament or qualify for the Olympics. Risks and ambitions lead to glory, even though the result might not always be what you had hoped for.
Churandy brings up one of the most famous quotes of Ali: "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee"
Sports is not only about winning, but also about losing, learning from your defeats and getting back stronger than ever!
The champion of the whole wide world... Ali was impressive not only on paper, but especially in his interviews!
Every day is an important one for a professional athlete. Make sure you make them count!
Long before the time of social media, Ali knew how to inspire so many others with his story. An example for all of us!
One of the most famous quotes by Ali, adopted by Adidas. Every day athletes strive to become better than ever. Impossible is nothing!
Sharon also brings up the 'don't count the days' quote, but in a very special setting: Ali under water!
Remember where it all started? Before kicking off his professional career, in 1960 Ali won gold at the Olympics in Rome. Now, with the 2016 Olympics around the corner, he will find his final resting place... RIP!

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