Easy as pie: becoming a creator has never been simpler

Design a post to your liking, schedule it for the right time and share your story. Managing your own website suddenly becomes easy as pie with our new website managing tool. Týrsday proudly presents a new way to create stories and share your adventures.

For Týrsday clients is has never been easier to create a post. One simply has to type the text, add an image, spice it up with social media posts and the story is ready to post. Týrsday helps clients to leverage this technology and use it to optimally share adventures. 

Create your post

The technology we provide can be seen an epicentre where your online adventures come together. The words come from your mind, the photos come from your phone or computer and the social media posts are found online. 

Now you can easily bring all these elements together and put together in an exciting post. The side bar helps the user personalise the post through asking simple questions and providing guidelines. By giving the post certain characteristics it will easier find its' way online. Check out the video below and see for your self how easy it is to design a post. 

An clean and clear design helps the user to create a new post. Just fill in the gaps, add some interesting content, provide it with the right hashtags and you are good to go.


Not only can you incorprate your own photo's, also content found on social media can be added. Whenever you see something you like, simply add the item to your wish list, on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. When you design a new post your list pops up in the creating bar. With just one click on the logo, all the saved content appears and can be simply added to your post. Check out the demo to see how this works:

Schedule your post

If you want to succesfully land a story online it not only is important to write interesting content, also timing is essential. The website managing tool holds the option to plan your postings, incorprate your Google Calender or Outlook Calender and share your planned meetings. 

Your agenda and your online platform are completely intergrated. Keep people updated on your appearences, adventures and whereabouts. Now it is very easy to share an appointment from your digital agenda onto your website. You can also incorprate the shared meeting in a social media post. Through the easy-to-use website managing tool you will find that everything is connected with eachother. Your planned posts will also appear in your regular calender. 

To save time working is to save time for more adventures, and through our proprietary technology we help you with that. Now it is very easy to plan posts and social media updates ahead. Now a weekend off, is really a weekend offline. Keeping up to date has never been easier. 

Start sharing

All websites of our clients will be outfitted with the new website management technology. Our clients find that through using it they find it easy to update their own website, design their posts and share their adventures. Now it is time that you get in on the fun!

As of now the new technology is available for all our clients.
Contact Mathys if you would like a live demo!

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