Greatest Of All Time calls for more than sportive success

For LeBron James becoming a legend happened off the court, by becoming human again.
Great read by GQ on the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA title and on LeBron James as the engine that made the victory possible. More importantly, the article stresses a point we - at Týrsday - think is existential in becoming a sports legend in these days: you have to be human. The time of absolute heroes is over. True legends are relatable and have personal lives and opinions, who can win and lose thereby developing by failing just as much as by succeeding.
"For LeBron James, turning human is what finally allowed him to become invincible", GQ
The Greatest Of All Time just passed away and was so much more than an athlete. For athletes nowadays being outspoken or making non-commercial choices is extremely difficult. Social media is harsh and many managers call for the safe route through the middle. So it was important that basketball players like LeBron James spoke up last year on the "black lives matter" subject. It is even better to see that James' personal and emotional choice to go return to where he came from, is what will make him one of the greatest of all time.

In the words of GQ: "Finally, though, LeBron James belongs to the world of flesh and blood. He may have elevated his standing in the annals of basketball but he’s also staked out a place for himself that makes him, well, relatable and relevant to our everyday lives." 
"LeBron James’s best version of himself has turned out to be the simplest one: The guy who came back home to end the losing once and for all", GQ

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