No more dunking in the dark during Super Bowl

Remember how you could win the internet with one funny social media post during a big (sports) event? Well those days are over. Everybody else is doing it and it's time to change the game plan. That being said, enjoy some of the great posts of Super Bowl LI.

Lady Gaga showed no real political statements, except for covering one of the most political singers ever. And in terms of the half time show, the drones beat Gaga in over time. No mic drop for the drones though.

Well at least the Simpsons predicted the half time show, or did they? Snopes report here.

Bush Senior flipped the coin, on politics as well.

And then there was Tom Brady. Greatest Of All Time, 5 Super Bowl wins and a few more shattered records. Three quarters of joke making, a life time of heroism and worship.

Everything is political.

Never not #saltbae

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