Sepak Takraw: foot volley 2.0

Meet this spectacular mix between volleyball, football, martial arts and gymnastics. A very popular sport in the South-East of Asia and we would certainly not mind when it will be more known in Europe and the US too!

Teams consists of 3 players each. One of the three players shall be at the back; he is called a "Tekong". The other two players shall be in front, one on the left and the other on the right. The player on the left is called a "Left Inside" and the player on the right is called a "Right Inside".

You need some incredible athletic skills to kick the ball over the net.

And it may be clear you need a strong and explosive body with jumping and gymnastic skills required! 

As in most sports also women do play it on a high level, for example here where the girls from Thailand take the Asian Games gold medal defeating the team of Myanmar.

Just an example of two top countries playing Sepaktakraw on a very high level. Make sure not to injure yourself by only watching it!

If the challenge is not big enough you can also try the darts version of Sepak! 

Would you give this sport a try?

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