The Dutch are smiling and you can not get the smile off their face

A mini Vivianne Miedema? The thug life story from Sari van Veenendaal? Prime Minister Rutte and champagne? The Dutch Lions won the European Championships and we have the best stories.

The fans have contributed extremely to the succes of the team and that's why social media is flooded with messages. Orange is the colour of the Women’s Euro 2017 as the Dutch win the thrilling finale with 4-2 from Denmark. With great team spirit and Sarina Wiegman as coach, the Dutch became European Champions! Like, Sari van Veenendaal would say “YEAH, WE DID IT!!!!” … 

Mark do you like champagne?

Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte was present at the final match and could not have had a bigger smile on his face. He congratulated the women saying that all the people of the Netherlands are proud of them. The team answered with cheering, jumping and champagne in the air! 

“Holland wrote history today."  - Mark Rutte

Can’t stop smiling with John de Bever

“Jij krijgt die lach niet van mijn gezicht, dat zou je wel willen…” The song is from John de Bever and it’s about laughing and wiping the smile off your face. The only thing the women could do was smile, jump and thanking their fans for being there. John changed the lyrics specially for the National Team, and now the song jumped to the Dutch iTunes Top 100.

“It was unbelievable, thank you! Beautiful!!! What a love, what a mentality! Beautiful!!!”- John de Bever

Is this really information we need? 

Ask our trainees for the translation 😳

Van Dijk loves heels with spikes… 

Not sure if Ruud Gullit is happy with the title… 

Vivianne Minima!

The official congratulations will take place in October, the National Team will visit the Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Schippers of sports. The first World Cup qualifying match will take place the 24st of October against Norway. Which they they have defeated in the opening match with 1-0. 

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