World11 for the best players in the world

Týrsday has started working for two worldwide organizations in football: FIFPro and FIFA. Together they organize the World11, a prize from all the players for all the players.

The new website was launched in stealth mode about three weeks ago. This week tens of thousands of football fans (and players) visited the website to see the shortlist of 55 players. The final winners of the World11 team will be announced on January 9th, 2017.

Meanwhile the fans can participate in the World11 as well: they can predict who will be in the final team of World11 and win grand prizes. More than 10.000 people already made their prediction.

"A prize from the players for the players, that is the FIFA FIFPro World 11. Each year FIFPro invites all professional footballers in the world to compose their best team of the year."

Týrsday has built the website using the design of Studio Luko and the power of the Tag The Love technology. Týrsday creates the content together with Jasper Faber and Studio Luko. Remix content, daily visuals and community management will be a key part of the content strategy. The strategy has been devised in close cooperation with FIFPro and Yves Kummer.

For Týrsday this is the third worldwide client this year, next to the International Biathlon Union and a top 5 player in clean tech.

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